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Engineer Jokes


The Engineering Song - Part II

An artsy and an Engineer found a gallon can
Said the artsy match me drink for drink and see if you're a man
They took three drinks, the artsy fell, his face was turning green
But the Engineer drank on and said: "It's only gasoline."

Caesar set out for Egypt at the age of fifty-three
He hung about with Cleopatra whose heart was young and free
And every time that Caesar said "goodnight" at three o'clock
There was a Roman Engineer waiting just around the block.

On reading Kama Sutra, a man learned position nine
For proving masculinity it surely was divine
But then one night the girl rebelled and kicked him on his rear
For he was a feeble artsy and she was an Engineer.

Venus is a statue made entirely of stone
She didn't wear a fig leaf she's as naked as a bone
On noticing her arms were gone an Engineer discoursed
The damn thing's busted concrete and should've been reinforced.

My uncle is a lunatic who lives on the dole
My sister was a prostitute but now she's on parole
My brother owns a restaurant with bedrooms in the rear
But none of them will talk to me 'cause I'm an Engineer.

Godiva was a lady of that there is no doubt
She didn't wear a stitch of clothes just wrapped her hair about
The Engineers treated her with respect to say the least
But on just three beers an artsy queer mounted Godiva's beast.

So now you've heard our story and you know we're Engineers
We love to love our women (men) and we love to drink our beers
So come and have a sip with us we'll drink to anyone from far and near
Cause we're a helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva, helluvan ENGINEER.

I happened once upon a girl whose eyes were full of fire.
Her physical endowments would have made your hands perspire.
To my surprise she told me that she never had been kissed,
Her boyfriend was a tired Engineering Physicist.

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